Modern household appliances

Beston home appliances combines innovative technology, a wide and balanced set of features, ease of use and functional embodiment.


High power, thorough cleaning

The Beston vacuum cleaner is characterized by high suction power up to 550 W, which allows for the most efficient removal of garbage in residential or office premises.


Electric kettles Beston

Differs in the increased durability and durability. Indication of the volume of water in cups allows you to boil the right amount of water, without wasting unnecessary natural resources.


Quick and efficient ironing is easy!

Discover fast, efficient ironing with the Beston's reliable, functional iron designed for comfort.


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About our company

Beston- is a new collection of home appliances based on innovative technologies. Beston – enhances its competitiveness with its quality, convenience and unique design, paying special attention to every device.

Beston welcomes customers with the growth of their product range. It has many years of experience as well. Beston employees will continue to products that will be better meet their customers’ need.

Our advantages

Modern household appliances

«BESTON» household appliances take care of all the household chores, including cooking, cleaning, and freeing up time for life. Beston technology are units with a large functional set.

Quality and durability

The company «BESTON» uses modern and durable materials, as well as proven technology. Technique «BESTON» will last for many years. The manufacturer provides a guarantee of quality for each product. Also, post-warranty service in service centers is possible.

Service centers

Our service centers operate according to international service standards. «BESTON» guarantees its customers high-quality service of all types of household appliances.

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